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e Salon Hair Color

Custom Haircolor created just for YOU - by e Salon.

From the words of eSalon: "How would it feel to sit back and get yourself a brand new hair color in the comfort of your own home? Do you the words, convenient, easy and quick come to mind? Well, we’re proud to say that we can now offer you a product that provides all of these luxuries and more. eSalon .com is a new service that offers you customized hair coloring solutions from the comfort of your own home. Imagine not getting in your car to go to the salon. Who wants to wait an hour and then sit in the chair for another two hours - and then pay $100 plus tip? The concept of the salon has become antiquated, not only for its inconvenience, but for the high price associated with it. eSalon has revolutionized home hair care. Here’s how easy it is:

Go to www.esalon.com and check out how we do it. The whole process should take no more than 5 minutes. The online hair guide will walk you through all the options and colors that you have at your disposal. If you’ve had experience dying your hair than you’ll be happy to find that we offer even more colors and selections than what most salons. You can choose any color and even dye pigmentation or red highlights. If you have some gray in your hair than worry not. Our special formulated dye will give you the most beautiful hair. And if it’s something a little wilder you’re after than look no further. eSalon can provide you the hair color of your dreams. Just click here to get the gray out of your hair. If you want to give yourself a new twist then click here. And if you just want to recapture a little of your natural color then click here. We look forward to serving your hair coloring needs. "

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Coloring a Bob
Hair Being Flat Ironed
Brunette with Slightly Angled Bob and Spiked Bangs
Custom Prepared Hair Color Trial Offer