Short Hairstyles


Whatever you want to do with your do...
         ...make it what YOU want to do with your do.

Here are five sections of hairstyle photos to help you
decide what may work for you. After all, it's YOUR hair.
#1 Bob Cuts
A variety of bob haircut styles in different colors and lengths.

A bob is a haircut style, traditionally, where the hair is cut short, but a weighted area is left to fall (u
ually) just shorter than chin length.
#2 Short Hairstyles
Different hair colors and styles, but all short.

Short hairstyles can be trendy and classic--and are a much sought-after look for today's modern woman. "Short hairstyles" - a very popular "length" - people search for it all the time.
#3 Medium Length Styles
Around shoulder length hair styles, many bobs included

Our medium length hair pi
ctures includes bobs and several styles, even some older ones which a again gaining in popularity.
#4 Long Hair Styles
Hair styles in longer lengths and colors, curly and straight.

Even though this site focuses on short(er) hairstyles, many people also like to see old and new longer hair styles.
#5 Up-Dos Styles
Updo styles in different lengths and colors

Updos are often called prom hairdos or wedding styles--as well they should--the
se dos are popular for that "classy" look.

How about a new color to go with your new style?

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