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Fingernail with split and broken end
Chipped, splitting and rough...nails looking like this can hurt those "first impressions" when you meet someone. Obviously, it's time to visit your local nail shop or salon.
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Professional Manicure

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With the help of a skilled nail technician and nail design artist, the transformation from an ugly fingernail to an attractive one is evident. No airbrush was used, the flower design nail art was painted by hand. This flowery nail art may be a bit over the top, but it is not really a needed step in the nail repair process.

The decision between a natural manicure, or the application of acrylic or gel nails is often a tough one. A natural manicure could not have repaired the abused nail the way gel did. (Nail pictures taken at Venus Nails, Fenwick Island, DE)

Repaired nail with gel and flower nail art
A talented nail technician has strengthened and lengthened the battered nail with gel before artfully decorating it with a glittery base and a hand-painted nail enamel flower.
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Nail Care Products, manicure and pedicure supplies to help enhance the appearance of your hands and feet - fingernails and toenails.

Nail pictures below represent various stages of having a professional manicure with a full set of acrylic nails or gel nails. The results are similar, but the process of applying the acrylics or the gel is a bit different. The products are also different. The acrylics create a bit of a harder nail layer but the gels are a bit easier (heathier) on the surface of the nail, the nail plate.
Picture of fingernail before being manicured
This nail is not too bad to start with, not like the rough nail in the photo at the top of the page.
Palm Tree Nail Art
This is the end result - after applying a full nail set to this customer's hands. The nail art is not a necessary step and was done, in this case, only for illustrative purposes.
Fitting a nail tip to a fingernail
Nail tip being fitted. It can't be too wide or too narrow - it needs to look natural when it is blended into the real fingernail with acrylic or gel.
Glued on nail tips
Nail tips in place - glued on with Cyanoacrylate (super) Glue.
Nail Tip applied and trimmed
Cut but not trimmed. Awaiting the application of the acrylic or gel
Applying acrylic to a fingernail
Applying the acrylic with a special brush - and a set of skillful hands.
Acrylic and gel nails sample
Acrylic and gel has been put on these nails. Can you tell which is which. Hint: the acrylic has not yet had the shine coat applied. In the end result the acrylic nail look a bit pinkish in color, while the gel is more natural.
Nail Polish - all in a row
Nail polish lined up waiting for you to make a selection. Or, why not go all-out and go for the nail art? If you get tired of it, a little nail polish remover takes it off.
Glittery base coat on nails
A base coat with a slight glitter has been applied as a surface on which to paint the designs. You can see a big difference here, when compared to the unpolished nails to the left.
Brushes for Nail Art
The tools of the trade - a variety of nail art brushes. Thick and thin brushes are needed for applying the intricate parts of these tiny nail art designs.
Nail artist brush at work
Our nail artist at work and using the tools of her trade. The brush tip must have just the right amount of polish to flow freely onto the newly prepared nail surface.
Nail art fish and nailart palm trees
Nail art palm tree and fish - as seen by the customer. These attractive nail designs are sure to attract compliments on your manicure.
nail Art Sample Board
Nail art samples. Obviously, the shorter the nail, as on our model customer, the smaller the design must be.
Pedicure Pictures
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