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Zeta-Jones from the Movie ChicagoMy Favorite Bob...

...is a very simple one to style. It is classy, fun and perfect for women who like a lot of movement within their hair. It photographs perfectly when you shift your head and gives a flawless depth when you tilt your head to the side. It is also the perfect Bob for women who like to be able to flick their hair but not have to constantly worry about constantly having to redo and refix their hair multiple times each night, this bob stays in place and looks great from all angles.

This bob is the classic style worn by Catherine Zeta Jones in the Musical Chicago - as shown in the photo** to the right. However the way I love it being worn is where it comes down on the sides covering your ears and is a bit longer in the front so it lies just above your chin. I also like to alter it so that although the hair tucks under all the way around your head, the front part turns and faces forward giving you a front facing wall of hair on each side. Now remember, this bob can be done with or without bangs, my preference is a bob that keeps short bangs in the front that are not rounded and flat. If you choose to not have bangs, then my recommendation is to give yourself a solid part down the middle. Later on after we talk about styling this Bob, I'll talk about a few ways to alter it and make it your own.

To create a bob like this is simple, you'll need a few things first which you can easily find at a discount at many online hair care discount sources or, maybe, even at your local drugstore.

1. Babyliss Ceramic Roller Sets (Hair setters)
2. The CHI or Babyliss Ceramic flat iron
3. A good holding free moving hair spray like Sebastian or Big Sexy Hairspray
4. Big Sexy Hair Shine Spray (So your hair looks shiny, healthy and fabulous)
5. A little bit of time to mold your hair into it the first time, every other day it'll more easily take shape.

The first thing to do is to heat up your Babyliss Irons...this happens fast due to their technology, you may also want to heat up your ceramic flat iron as well, I recommend the nano or 1# flat irons...always ceramic. CHI and Babyliss make probably the best.
The first thing to do is put in your hairsetters or rollers to get a long curl (make sure your hair does not get to curly) (please make sure to wrap the hair inward so you don't get a Carol Brady outward flip).

Then once it is set, remove the rollers and while you are removing them, give yourself a nice healthy spray of your Sebastian or Big Sexy Hairspray, especially on the part that needs to curve in. This will help you keep it styled while you are working the front.
Now that you have your hair curled and moving under, you can take your Hair flat iron and take the few outer layers of your hair all the way around your head (leaving about an inch from your face) and start to straighten the top to top bottom of your hair to enable it to lay flat down the sides, but continue to curve in and under all the way around. Now remember, you may want to just brush through the inner layers down the side of your head so they can puff out a bit so that you can still get some bounce and volume into your do.
Next, take the front inch that you did not straighten yet and go completely straight with the very back part. Now, you can use your flat iron, some prefer a curling iron, but I like flat and start to twist that inch so that it begins facing front. You'll want it to have about a 1 inch front facing hair that also slowly angles back to your face. Make sure that when you are moving your flat iron down, you constantly keep the bottom curl intact and you reinforce it with your movements on each downward stroke. You also need to make sure that you keep twisting your hair forward while you are bringing the iron down in even strokes.

Now that you have shaped your bob, you need to make it stay in place. Because this is a bob that needs movement and should flow freely, you will want to avoid a cheap hair spray like Aquanet or Rave as they get sticky and are not healthy for your hair and use something that doesn't clump your hair or get greasy and sticky like Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray or Big Sexy Hair Hairspray. These are made to be applied when your hair is either slightly damp or I use it when my hair is dry. Some people like to try Rusk which does work, however I do not always prefer it for this style because if your hair is wet, it will begin to clump a bit and can also give you hair spikes... Rusk is ideal though if you are doing funky bangs or bangs that need to have strands and clumps sticking straight up. The other option before hair spray is to rub some Moose into your hair for that extra volume and hold that the spray can reinforce.

Anyway, use the spray to now hold your look and in my opinion, when using these fabulous and free moving sprays, you can never use to much...I always over do it and hey, my hair stay in place, bounces around and then always falls back into perfection each time. I love this bob cut and when done correctly, you get a style that thins your face, is fun, changes with how you pose and works if you want hair that feels like it should be to your shoulders, but not weigh you down.

Here are a couple of fun ways to tweak this Bob Hair Cut as well:

1. For a fresh and funky look, take the straight part down the middle and break it up into triangles or angles. Use a comb tip to select the top layers and give yourself a fun zig-zag effect.

2. Make this asymmetrical by having one side cut a bit shorter so that whichever side is your best side has shorter length of hair so that you can accent your cheeks and angled profile shot showing off your beautiful face - while still showcasing your gorgeous hair with the long side shadowing you. This can be done from either angle.

3. Add in some solid stripes to this "do" and you can turn from classy hip 30--40 something lady into rocker punk hip chick and still have that fun and flawless do.

There are a million ways to work this bob and I love them all. Just dry the bottom curls to go in towards your head, and use the front part to face forward and curve from straight on towards your face in a flat forward facing tusk of hair.

** (Zeta-Jones photo credit: The Performance Review Blog)