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Pedicure Chair hydrotherapy massage basin
Pedicure Chair and foot basin (hydro-therapy massage system) being filled with warm water and "salts" for soaking and cleaning those tired ol' dogs.
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The next step, or sometimes the first step, at the salon or nail shop...

A Pedicure

Don't forget your feet. They do a lot of work for you every day. You should take very good care of your feet - including having your nails look good.

Be careful that your choice of salon or nail shop uses good sanitary practices. This shop, for example, actually bleaches the foot bath between each customer. Do NOT use a foot bath that has not been sterilized after the previous customer is finished.

For the final touch, you need to select the color you like. Go for the bright colors during flip-flop weather.
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Nail Care Products, Pedicures and pedicure supplies to help enhance the appearance of your toenails and feet...

Nail pictures below represent a couple stages of having a professional pedicure and a nail shop with the hydro-therapy pedicure chairs (spa chairs). This is not only healthful for your feet but is a very relaxing way to pamper yourself for a while. Enjoy.

Trimming nail and cuticles for a "clean-n-neat" appearance.

Scrub-a-dub-dub. Get those piggies clean AND soft.

A paraffin wax to soothe and soften the skin. Note that this is NOT to remove any hair. Paraffin is soft and absorbent.

The paraffin wax form a soothing coating over the foot, softening the skin and feeling oooooh, so good.

When cool and your foot is soothed and smoothed, the coating of paraffin simply peels off, leaving no residue - just a wonderful feeling and smooth skin.
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